Payment Processing


Payment processor goEBT offers complete payment solutions, including EBT processing and credit card processing, that enable you to accept a wide range of payment types from one payment terminal, including:

Comprehensive payment
processing solutions

goEBT is trusted by more than 27K merchants nationwide to provide reliable EBT processing for SNAP benefits as well as credit and debit card processing.

Unlimited EBT Processing

Unlimited EBT Processing

Reliable EBT processing for SNAP benefits

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Flat-Rate Credit Card Processing

Flat-Rate Credit
Card Processing

Transparent credit and debit card processing

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OTC & Healthy
Food Benefit Processing

OTC Processing

Check eligibility for insurance paid items

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Government Payments

goEBT has been involved with government payments since 2014, and regularly participates in the EFTA eGovernment Council, providing feedback to the Food and Nutrition Service and USDA. With more than 27,000 merchants nationwide, goEBT is a trusted source for EBT processing.

Credit Card Processing

goEBT’s smart terminals offer EBT/SNAP processing and credit card processing all in one flexible device.
With goEBT, credit card processing is easy!

  • easy to
  • simple
  • transparent

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