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What is the FNS Restaurant Meals Program?

FNS Restaurant Meals Program is a program, operated by individual states, that allows SNAP recipients to use their SNAP benefits at restaurants, including quick-service restaurants (QSRs), to buy prepared meals. RMP restaurants are not responsible for determining eligibility of SNAP recipients, the card will automatically decline if a SNAP recipient does not qualify. Three things you need to know…

A state option that allows certain SNAP clients to use benefits at restaurants.

Aims to increase access to hot and prepared foods to those who may not be able to properly store or prepare such foods.

Increases access to fresh, nutritionally balanced meals. store or prepare such foods.

Becoming a
SNAP Retailer is a Snap!

Step 1
Be in a state that operates a Restaurant Meals Program
Step 2
Get approval from your state to apply for RMP
Step 3
Provide FNS with a signed agreement from your state
Step 4
Be authorized by FNS to accept SNAP
Step 5
Get approval from your state to apply for RMP

SNAP Restaurant Meals Program
application for QSRs and Restaurants

If you are ready to get started with your Restaurant Meals application, you can apply directly with the FNS on the USDA website.

Who qualifies to use RMP?

SNAP recipients who are in a state that operates a restaurant meals program, have applied and been approved to use their EBT card at restaurants, and all members of the household must be either…



An individual who is 60 years of age or older



Receiving disability/blindness payments from a government agency due to permanent disability



Individuals who lack a regular or fixed nighttime residence (FNS definition)

A Spouse

A Spouse

Of an existing SNAP recipient who is eligible for RMP

How does the RMP help
restaurants and the community?

The Restaurant Meals Program has many benefits for business owners as well as individuals in the community. Using EBT to accept SNAP at your restaurant can expand your revenue while increasing access to prepared meals for those who face food insecurity in your community. Some benefits of participating in your state’s RMP can include…

  • Adds new revenue stream for business
  • Provides prepared meals for those who don’t have access
  • Increases foot traffic to businesses
  • Become a community staple
  • Improves customer loyalty and creates repeat customers
  • Helps fight food insecurity by increasing access to nutritious foods

Find out if your
store qualifies

The Restaurant Meals Program is currently only available in certain states. To find out if your state participates in the RMP, fill out this quick form and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss RMP for your business.

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