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Important Announcement

Attention EBT/SNAP Retailers:

UPDATE: We have been notified that the EBT processing system should be up and running with no interruptions. If you are still experiencing problems processing transactions, please submit a ticket here.

We appreciate your patience during this time and will keep you informed of any further changes.


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Equipment set up, testing, and manual.

Broken Equipment

Equipment troubleshooting and answers to common questions.

Billing Questions

Answers to questions about goEBT billing.

Daily Deposit Questions

Information about daily EBT settlement deposits.

Bank Change Request

Paperwork and instructions for updating bank account information.

Manual Vouchers

Details about using manual vouchers.

Request for 1099/ Update 1099

Submit request for prior year 1099 or to update 1099 information.

Bill Pay Equipment Help

Equipment troubleshooting and answers to common questions.

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Bill Pay Support

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