COVID-19 Update

“Amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) disruption in our daily lives, OUR CDE BUSINESS REMAINS HEALTHY.” – Daniel Merchant, President

Dan Merchant | goEBT - EBT, Credit/Debit Processor

All goEBT departments have continued to demonstrate the ability to deliver to the business needs while transitioning work locations and associated changes in workflow.

  • goEBT has taken key Business Continuity Plan steps
  • Staff have been educated with COVID-19 Prevention Steps, At-Work and At-Home
  • 70% of staff are fully functional from remote workplaces
  • Special PTO procedures are in place for our team members
  • Essential production staff have been segmented into staggered and quarantined work groups
  • Workstations are being “social distanced” and assigned to individuals
  • Our facility is being sanitized thoroughly during staff transition and break periods
  • Key contacts and resources have been put in place to field COVID-19 questions

goEBT provides essential services to several government benefit programs. In the event of a state or national emergency being labeled an essential service permits goEBT to continue operations. Given this, no service disruption surrounding COVID-19 is expected.


“We at CDE know that family comes first and making sure our loved ones have life’s necessities remains priority one. We will continue to take the required actions needed to reduce the probability of any of our staff coming in contact with the Coronavirus,”Joe Cohane, CEO

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Highlights that impact EBT, SNAP and WIC:

Additional SNAP Flexibilities in a Public Health Emergency. Allows states to request special waivers from the Secretary to provide temporary, emergency CR-SNAP benefits to existing SNAP households up to the maximum monthly allotment

Review the complete H.R.6201 – Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Links and Resources

Here are links to some resources, official sites, and literature that contain essential information to help you prepare for and combat COVID-19, and keep you informed during this time.

Help stop coronavirus
HANDSWash them often
ELBOWCough into it
FACEDon't touch it
SPACEKeep safe distance
HOMEStay if you can


If you need to reach us with questions and/or updates regarding any changes in business operations as a result of COVID-19, please email your usual goEBT contact OR our dedicated COVID-19 response email. We will have the appropriate resource contact you immediately.


“Life will get back to normal, working together gets us there faster!” – Joe Cohane, CEO