Welcome to goEBT, the only company in the industry that covers every aspect of your EBT (also known as SNAP) card processing for one simple, ‘no surprises’ GUARANTEED flat rate. From Point of Sale (POS) EBT SNAP card readers to card processing to service and repairs, goEBT has you completely covered for electronic food stamps. And, as an EBT processing company authorized to work directly with Xerox, you’ll enjoy fast, accurate processing and access to transactional data that will help improve your bottom line.  And you can receive your new EBT SNAP card reader and be accepting electronic food stamps in as fast as two business days!


Many of you may have heard that the SNAP/Food Stamp program may be shut down due to a funding debate in the United States Congress.  At this time, no official statement has been issued confirming that the program will in fact be shut down.  goEBT wants to reassure all of our customers that we are working with the USDA and FNS on a daily basis to obtain up to the minute information on how the debate in Congress is progressing.  If an interruption to the SNAP/Food Stamp program is confirmed to be imminent, goEBT will contact all retailers via telephone and e-mail to provide details of the shut down and provide retailer instructions for managing the interruption.  Please rest assured that the goEBT team is doing everything possible to prepare for this shut down if it occurs and is also preparing a comprehensive strategy to get all retailers back up and processing as soon as the shut-down is concluded.  At this point, there is no action required by retailers.  This notice is for information purposes only and an example of goEBT’s customer commitment.

EMV Compliance?

emvcard2Many people ask the question: Is EMV required for EBT card transactions? The answer is NO.

On October 21, 2014, Andrea Gold, the Director of the Retailer Policy and Management Division for SNAP, sent a memo to all of the State SNAP program administrators advising them:


“In the event you have heard about the Executive Order announced last Friday requiring Federal card programs to begin moving toward EMV/Chip Cards, wanted to let you know that we have confirmed that this Executive Order does not currently apply to SNAP (or WIC) EBT, as SNAP EBT is administered by all of you at the State level.

We’ve had questions from our industry partners on this in the last couple of days, so thought it best to reach out and let you all know directly.”

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At goEBT, we are committed to providing you with simple EBT SNAP card processing – it’s our #1 priority. And because our program is built around a GUARANTEED flat monthly rate, no matter how many SNAP transactions / Electronic Benefit Transfers you process, you have peace of mind in knowing that your monthly charges will be GUARANTEED and not fluctuate from month to month. Your customers will appreciate the fact that they can make transactions no matter how small or large the purchase amount is. Simple for you, simple for them – we are committed to helping you run your business efficiently and easily.


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