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payment solutions that
are fast and easy to use.

Easy Payment Solutions
for Busy Merchants

goEBT offers payment solutions like unlimited EBT processing and flat-rate credit card processing to more than 27K busy merchants nationwide. Solutions for c-store, grocers, quick-service restaurants, specialty retailers and farmers markets. Owning a business is hard, accepting payments shouldn’t have to be. That’s why goEBT offers simple payment solutions that are fast and easy to use.

Unlimited EBT Processing

Unlimited EBT Processing

Reliable EBT processing for SNAP benefits

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Flat-Rate Credit Card Processing

Flat-Rate Credit
Card Processing

Transparent credit and debit card processing

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Get goEBT’s unlimited EBT processing for one simple flat rate per month. No headaches. No hassle. No surprises. Just reliable, trustworthy EBT processing from a proven payment processor.


SNAP Revenue Opportunities in Your State

Accepting payments should
be the easiest part of your day

Owning a business is hard, accepting payments shouldn’t have to be. That’s why goEBT offers credit card processing complete with digital wallets and contactless payments. Payment processing just got even easier with all these payment options available right on a goEBT smart terminal…

Add CREDIT to your goEBT terminal with no additional monthly fee. Ask us how you can qualify for no monthly minimums.

Trusted by More Than 27,000 Merchants Nationwide.

Real Merchants, Real Success

Tidewater Seafood Shack

Tidewater Seafood Shack

goEBT has helped a lot with business, this location has a lot of EBT customers and getting started with goEBT helped me grow the business.

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Hawkins House of Burgers

Hawkins House of Burgers

At least 20% of the restaurant’s sales are generated from EBT customers, which has helped sustain Hawkins House of Burgers through COVID-19

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Knicker Knacker Market

Knicker Knacker Market

Through goEBT, Knicker Knacker Market was able to offer services for his customers that he originally could not.

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Sr. Cliff's Texas Style Burritos

Sr. Cliff's Texas Style Burritos

Working with goEBT for the past few years has made things easier because they don’t miss a beat when assisting their customers.

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Roeser's Bakery

Roeser's Bakery

goEBT is just another way for Roeser's Bakery to take care of the people that have made his business so successful for over 100-years.

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Don't just take our word for it...


...thanks for the amazing services I've recommended you guys to a lot of people. Thanks you once again goEBT for [the] fairest and most economical service for EBT processing.

R.G., Delicate Food Corp.


I choose this company because I believed that the flat rate was the safest route for my small business.

S.Y. - Cinnaminson


The processing savings our size business could achieve with CDE couldn't be ignored.

M., West Market Groceries - Bloomington

Referred goEBT to my colleague!

I already referred goEBT to my colleague!

A.S. - Bangor

Great, reliable service

Great, reliable service at a fair price and no surprise fees.

S.S. - Lawndale

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