Each business day, retailers must balance or reconcile the transaction
receipts with the Host Totals Report. If retailers discover that the net
values or amounts of these items do not match, there may be an outof-
balance situation. If a system error caused the out-of-balance, an
adjustment request (also known as a claim or correction request) may
be filed. A system error is defined as a problem with the POS device or
software, telecommunication lines, or the network.


Call the Retailer Customer Service Call Center within six business days
of the transaction date to file an adjustment request. The Call Center will
collect the necessary information regarding the transaction, including a
faxed copy of the receipt, and will submit an adjustment request on the
retailer’s behalf. If the error is not reported within five calendar days of
the transaction, the request may be denied in accordance with federal


Federal and state regulations require that an EBT cardholder must receive
written notice before an adjustment can be made to his/her account.
After an adjustment request is filed, it will take 15 calendar days before
the EBT cardholder’s account can be debited. After the 15 calendar day
waiting period (25 calendar days waiting period for cash benefits), there
are several possible outcomes:

• An EBT cardholder may dispute the adjustment and request a Fair
Hearing, which is an administrative function of the county. If a Fair Hearing
is requested, the adjustment will be suspended until the Fair Hearing is
held. Retailers must be available for the Fair Hearing process.
• An EBT cardholder may present additional information that does not agree
with the adjustment request. If this occurs, the retailer may be asked to
provide additional information or the adjustment request may be denied.
• If the waiting period has passed and the EBT cardholder has not
disputed the adjustment request, an attempt will be made to debit the
EBT cardholder’s account.
• If sufficient funds are available, the EBT cardholder’s account will be
debited and the retailer will receive settlement for the adjustment within
45 calendar days.
• If the EBT cardholder’s account does not have sufficient funds to cover
the amount of the adjustment, attempts will be made to debit the account
for the remainder of the month and for one future month. At the end of
the second month, if there are still insufficient funds, the adjustment
request will be denied in accordance with federal and state adjustment
regulations. After the 15 calendar day waiting period, retailers may call
the Retailer Customer Service call Center for a status on the adjustment.
Adjustment payments will be sent to the retailers’ bank using direct
deposit. Retailers should check the bank statement to ensure the correct
adjustment amount has been received.


Retailers will be notified if an EBT cardholder has filed an adjustment
that may result in a debit to their account. To deny an EBT cardholder’s
claim, retailers must verify whether goods or cash were given to the EBT
cardholder by faxing a copy of the receipt or other supporting documentation
(e.g., manual voucher or Host Totals Report). Documentation is required
within ten business days.

If proper documentation is provided within ten business days, the
adjustment request is normally denied and an adjustment is not made.
If the retailer agrees that the EBT cardholder did not receive goods or
cash for the transaction, if the retailer does not reply within three business
days, or if the retailer cannot provide supporting documentation, the EBT
cardholder will be credited and the retailer’s bank account will be debited
for the amount of the EBT cardholder’s adjustment request.

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