The State/Commonwealth agency that issues the EBT cards to qualified recipients may or may not disperse cash benefits on the EBT Card. The EBT cardholder will know whether s/he has SNAP and/or Cash benefits on the EBT Card.

Program Guidelines

EBT cardholders who receive cash benefits must receive adequate, convenient, and safe access to their cash benefits through the EBT Program.

EBT cardholders are able to access their cash account by using the EBT card at participating retailer POS and authorized ATM locations. At retailer POS locations, EBT cardholders will use the card for purchases of products or for cash withdrawals.

Conduent encourages retailers with both EBT-only POS equipment and commercial POS equipment to offer cash back to EBT cardholders with cash benefits. Non-electronic retailers cannot accept cash benefits.

Note: Retailers may not provide cash from the SNAP benefit account.

Retailer Guidelines Regarding Cash Back

If the retailer accepts commercial debit cards and provides cash back, the maximum amount allowed for the commercial debit card user must be the maximum amount allowed for an EBT card withdrawal. If a retailer has a cash back policy today regarding limits on cash disbursement in the checkout lane (e.g. $25-$200 limits), that same policy must apply to EBT cardholders. The key is that the retailer policy cannot discriminate against the EBT cardholder. The store policy must be the same for all customers.

If an EBT-only retailer does not have commercial debit in his/her store but wishes to provide cash back to the EBT cardholders, the retailer may set his/her own policy and limits on the amount of cash back. As above, the policy must be the same for all EBT cardholders.

EBT-only retailers may not charge a fee to the customer for cash issuance services.

Cash disbursement services offered at a Customer Service Area/Counter to cash customers must also be made available to EBT cardholders.

Cash Benefit Purchase

EBT cardholders may use their cards to make purchases directly from their cash benefit accounts. If the EBT cardholder is using his/her cash benefit account, the retailer does not have to be concerned about eligible or ineligible food purchases. The EBT cardholder may use his/her card for non-food items as well.

Cash Without Purchase at POS

Many retailers have elected to offer cash without purchase in their stores. A retailer’s in-lane or service desk policy dictates where and how much an EBT cardholder can withdraw from his/her cash account. The authorization process (swiping the EBT card through the POS device) guarantees to the retailer that the EBT cardholder’s cash account has an adequate balance to cover the cash withdrawal amount. EBT-only retailers are not permitted to charge a fee for this service.

Cash at In-Store ATMs

EBT cardholders can withdraw cash from their cash accounts at ATMs located inside a retailer’s store. Today, most ATMs located at retailers and Banks accept EBT cards.

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