Connecting the Telephone Line or Network
Connect one end of the telephone line cord to the modular jack on the bottom of your Vx520 terminal (under the plastic cover). This jack is labeled with an icon of a telephone. Connect the other end of the line cord to your RJ11-type modular wall jack.

If you have a dual comm terminal, connect your Ethernet cable to the modular jack labeled “ETH” on the bottom of your terminal.

Connecting the Barcode Scanner (optional)
If you have a Datalogic Heron D130 USB scanner, connect the USB cable to the port on the bottom of the terminal (under the plastic cover). The port is labeled with the USB icon. Be sure to use the standard port, not the mini port.

Connecting the Power Pack
Note: Connect the power supply after installing any other peripherals.
1. Attach the small plug on the power pack cord to the power pin on the bottom of the terminal (under the plastic cover).
2. Plug the three-prong AC connector from the power pack into an indoor AC outlet.
Caution: Do not plug the power pack into an outdoor outlet or operate the terminal outdoors. Disconnecting the power source while the terminal is processing a transaction may cause program corruption and/or loss of data.

Loading the Printer Paper
The printer uses a 57mm-wide roll of thermal paper, product number CRM0039 (25 meters) or CRM0040 (33 meters). This is a standard size available at most business supply stores.
Before adding paper, confirm that the terminal has power; the green LED should blink on and off, indicating that the printer needs paper

To load paper:
1. Hook your finger under the latch and lift up to swing the paper roll cover open.
2. Hold the paper roll so the shiny side feeds from the bottom toward the front.
3. Place the paper roll into the cradle. Leave about two inches of paper sticking up past the serrated metal tear strip.
4. Close the paper roll cover by pressing directly on the cover until it clicks shut.

For additional guidelines on setting up and loading printer paper into your terminal, consult the installation documentation from VeriFone at

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